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Lincolnshire, UK

Key Locations

Kirkmans in Lincolnshire are numerous with many early events on or close to the coast between Skegness and Mablethorpe. It is tempting to ascribe this to the Viking raiders from 8th to 11th centuries, but DNA testing has shown this is not the case. In addition there is the largest group of Kermans and Kirmans in this county, who may have their origins in the place Kirmond (see Origins).

For the Kirkman name, there is a most useful tree in “Lincolnshire Pedigrees” by Rev Canon Maddison, published in 1903. This starts with Thomas Kirkman of Hogsthorpe who left a will dated 1511. He had a son John, who was executor to his wife Amy’s mother Elizabeth Gaunte in her will of 1539. So John must have been born around the turn of the century. He had sons John Kirkman, Gent of East Keal (will dated 1608), and Lyon Kirkman Esq of West Keal (will dated 1580), William Kirkman of East Keal (will dated 1597) and Leonard of East Keal (will dated 1604).

Other  early  Kirkmans  include  Susannah  Kirkman   whose  early  seventeenth  century  
monument is in the South Aisle of  St Helen’s Church in East Keal. William and Roger, sons of Thomas Kirkman were baptised respectively at Partney in 1619 and 1621, and Thomas Kirkman married Anne Cooper at Spilsby in 1617. There are wills for William Kirkman of Tetney in 1546, John Kirkman of East Keal in 1557, Augustine Kirkman, gent of Hundleby, in 1631 and Thomas Kirkman of Partney in 1639. Mathye, daughter of Jane Kirkman was christened in 1592 in Algarkirk (nr Boston). Edward, Frances and George and Kyrkeman, sons and daughter of Augustine in 1607, 1608 and 1609 respectively in East Keal, followed by his son Isaac in 1611 in Toynton (nr Spilsby). John Kirkeman had 6 children christened at Burgh Le March between 1597 and 1610 - Lyon, Dorithye, Bridgit, Ann, Frauncis and Katherine.

Early Kirmans include Dorothy of East Keal who died intestate in 1623, and Robert Kirman of Gedney in 1638.

If your think you are a male Kirkman descended from this line, please contact me.  We already have 1 Kirkman descended from these Lincolnshire Kirkmans in the DNA Project, and would like to have more.